How TheFork helps more customers discover the magic of meze with The Real Greek

Published 01.23.2024 - Last update 01.29.2024
The Real Greek Soho
Table of contents
  1. Welcoming new diners into The Real Greek family
  2. Try TheFork now
  3. How TheFork Festival brings great-value Greek delicacies to more diners

The Real Greek has welcomed customers of all ages and backgrounds into its family-feel restaurants since opening its first location in 1999. Almost 25 years later, the team are helping more customers discover the delights of meze eating — and securing more covers in off-peak hours — through their partnership with TheFork.

With over 25 restaurants across the United Kingdom, The Real Greek is introducing foodies nationwide to its delicious, authentic Mediterranean dishes.

“We get our feta from Greece, our halloumi from Cyprus, and our olive oil comes from Crete,” explains Tonia Buxton, Consultant Chef at The Real Greek. “It’s an authentic flavour.”

The Real greek Meat Stacker

As well as shining a spotlight on Mediterranean cuisine, The Real Greek’s menu has something for every dietary requirement and budget, making it a much-loved location for many individuals and families.

“It's a really varied menu. Whether you're a vegan, a carnivore, a pescetarian, or vegetarian, everything is on the menu,” said Tonia. “And one of the most important things about our food is it's very affordable. If you're coming in to have a meal deal, it'll blow your mind the amount of food you're getting, the quality of the food you're getting, and what you're paying for.”

To bring these fresh ingredients and authentic recipes to the masses, The Real Greek teamed up with TheFork over ten years ago to attract new customers and fill more tables during off-peak dining hours.

“We have a wonderful collaboration with TheFork because it's bringing customers to The Real Greek who wouldn't normally come or aren't in our footfall. It’s been a great collaboration and we're really happy to be working together.” — Tonia Buxton, Consultant Chef at The Real Greek

Welcoming new diners into The Real Greek family

With a menu comprised of sharing plates full of unique flavours, The Real Greek was keen to work with TheFork to encourage new customers to discover the joys of the Mediterranean way of dining.

“TheFork’s helping us raise awareness about meze eating, that kind of sharing that we do at our tables, which is very much part of the Greek culture,” said Tonia. “Eating together is what memories are made of, and we here at The Real Greek like to add to those memories by adding good food.”

“The other thing TheFork’s helped us to get out there is our value. We are such great value, and our meal deals are incredible.”

The Real Greek diners

By highlighting its delicious Mediterranean offerings and budget-friendly prices on TheFork, The Real Greek is tapping into a base of customers who might not typically walk into one of its restaurants.

The Real Greek prides itself on turning one-time customers into long-time fans through its fresh flavours, warm service, and creative takes on classic dishes. Now, with the extra exposure it gets from TheFork, it’s getting more new customers through the door to welcome into the family.

“We know that once you've come to The Real Greek we've got you. We know how good we are — people always return because of our fantastic menu.”

Try TheFork now

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How TheFork Festival brings great-value Greek delicacies to more diners

As the UK’s biggest restaurant festival, TheFork Festival offers an unmissable opportunity for customers looking to try delicious food at promotional prices and restaurants the chance to deliver great value to both new and regular diners. 

“We love TheFork Festival — we see amazing results from it because people are coming in and using the offers they see online,” explains Tonia. “It brings new customers to us, but it also is exciting for our existing customers because they see deals on there that they wouldn't normally have seen.”

TheFork Festival appeals to first-time diners looking to try something new with friends or family, and it also entices The Real Greek’s existing fans to explore different dishes on the menu — making the event a powerful way to secure covers during off-peak times.

The Real Greek guests

As a result, The Real Greek saw a huge uplift in bookings during TheFork Festival compared to the previous period.

“Collaborating with TheFork’s marketing campaigns has enabled us to rise up the rankings, and therefore more people are coming into the restaurant and more people are learning about us.” — Tonia Buxton, Consultant Chef at The Real Greek

The Real Greek’s partnership with TheFork allows new customers to make precious memories with loved ones by sharing delicious plates of authentic Mediterranean cuisine. Through getting involved with campaigns like TheFork Festival, The Real Greek can secure even more bookings and help its regular diners discover new dishes on its crowd-pleasing menu. Get in touch with us today to find out how your restaurant can do the same. 

Table of contents
  1. Welcoming new diners into The Real Greek family
  2. Try TheFork now
  3. How TheFork Festival brings great-value Greek delicacies to more diners
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