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Published 05.31.2024 - Last update 06.03.2024
Brighton and Hove
Table of contents
  1. Eating out in Brighton
  2. A taste of Italy by the sea
  3. Try TheFork today
  4. How to set up outdoor dining with TheFork Manager

One of the UK’s most charming coastal cities, Brighton and Hove’s diverse culinary scene is packed with cosy cafes, classic gastro pubs and trendy eateries. From classic fish and chips by the sea to innovative dishes crafted by world-renowned chefs, there's something to please every palate.

Whether you’re a restaurant owner in Brighton, or just a local foodie looking to sample Brighton and Hove's flavours, we've got you covered with our guide to the city’s dining habits, hottest spots, and even some tips from successful restaurants in Brighton and Hove on how to attract more customers.

Eating out in Brighton

According to TheFork’s internal data, Brighton and Hove diners go out to eat at the weekends. 27% of all bookings are made for Saturday, with 19% on Sunday and 17% on Friday. Bookings are usually made towards the start of the week - Tuesday is the most frequent with 22% of all bookings made. Brighton and Hove is a popular weekend destination for diners visiting from London, resulting in a slightly average longer lead time between booking and dining – with 24% of bookings made more than one week in advance!

As for cuisine preference, “British” food was the most popular choice with 29% of all bookings at establishments serving British fare, including popular gastropubs. Not surprisingly for a coastal city, “Seafood” was the second most popular cuisine with TheFork diners – there has been a fishing industry on Brighton Beach for over a thousand years and customers won’t hesitate to seek out the day’s freshest catch.

A taste of Italy by the sea

Buon Appetito, a family-run Italian restaurant in Hove, has been delighting locals and tourists with its classic dishes and top-notch wines since 2006. To expand its reach, the restaurant partnered with TheFork, a popular restaurant management platform, at the end of 2023. Owner Eugenio Saulle believes in the power of food to unite people, a philosophy reflected in the restaurant's warm, familial atmosphere.

The restaurant's partnership with TheFork has been a game-changer, especially during the quieter winter months. The platform's reservation management tools have helped avoid booking mishaps, and its Yums loyalty programme has attracted a broader variety of customers. Within just over three months of joining TheFork, Buon Appetito has seen a notable increase in diners, including more tourists visiting the city.

“I’ve already recommended TheFork to other restaurants in the city!” said Eugenio. “Another owner I know has signed up and thanked me for the recommendation because it is working so well.”

Through advertising Buon Appetito on TheFork and getting involved with promotions such as the Yums loyalty programme, the Brighton & Hove restaurant has developed a new revenue stream by attracting more tourists, while also rewarding regular local diners for their return business.

Try TheFork today

Are you a restaurant who wants to find out more about TheFork, our software or your benefits when joining TheFork? Let's get in touch.

How to set up outdoor dining with TheFork Manager

Summer in Brighton and Hove attracts visitors from across the UK and beyond, looking to make the most of the southern city’s sunny days and warm nights. Outdoor dining can be a significant draw for diners looking to eat out, and with TheFork Manager you can easily offer and track outdoor seating and tables for incoming or current bookings.

TheFork Manager Table Management

The outdoor seating features within TheFork Manager enable guests to choose where they would like to be seated in the restaurant. The platform will automatically assign those reservations in the right areas (Inside, Terrace, Patio, etc.)  and on the right tables (Standard, Tall, Low, etc.) on the restaurant floor plan, an essential feature to manage floor space and satisfy your customers.

Are you limited for space, or struggling to accommodate the summer crowds? You can decide how many guests to receive per time slot and also limit them based on their booking origin (offline, online). If you still have requests that you did not expect, don't worry: thanks to the waiting list feature this isn’t an issue, since you can add the unexpected reservation to the queue so that, when a table becomes available, you can easily notify them to the client.

Additionally, whether your restaurant is open indoors or just outdoors, think about creating a dedicated outdoor sheltered menu to display on your restaurant page on TheFork to stand out from the varied dining scene in Brighton and Hove.

Looking to kickstart customer success with TheFork in your local area? Get in touch with us here.

Table of contents
  1. Eating out in Brighton
  2. A taste of Italy by the sea
  3. Try TheFork today
  4. How to set up outdoor dining with TheFork Manager
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