What is the INSIDER selection by TheFork?

The INSIDER selection brings together the trendiest and gourmet Restaurants among our best rated places at TheFork, the common factor of all the restaurant partners being excellence, passion and creativity.


Where are the INSIDER restaurants located?

Launched in 2017 in France & Spain, the INSIDER selection has expanded and is now available in 8 countries (Australia, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Sweden), the INSIDER selection brings together 6,730 privileged partner restaurants.

How do restaurants become part of the INSIDER selection?

Compiled by experts who analyse the best gastronomic guides, blogs and publications, as well as the millions of TheFork reviews, the INSIDER selection highlights the best restaurants for the benefit of all TheFork users. When a new restaurant enters the selection, it means they were chosen based on the 3 criteria below:

  • Customer reviews and score ratings – TheFork community plays an important role!
  • National food guides
  • TheFork experts insights
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What advantages do the INSIDER restaurant get?

Being part of the INSIDER selection drastically boost restaurant’s bookings and online awareness since TheFork gets around 29 million visits per month. It’s the perfect opportunity to tap into a wider potential of dinners. Discover 5 top benefits for the INSIDER partner restaurants.

    When you are part of the Insider selection, we will see a huge increase of the quantity and the quality of your bookings. Why? Because INSIDER selection attracts foodies who regularly come to the restaurant and often come back too. It’s the opportunity to get more loyal customers and boost your occupancy rate.
    Being part of the INSIDER selection it’s also getting greater visibility. How? Through exclusive newsletter, Social Media and Push mobile campaigns

Get even more restaurant awareness and boost your occupancy rate

    Showcase your restaurant via INSIDER exclusive events promoted on TV . Your restaurant will be fully booked in only a few minutes.
    Use of the available features (Credit card Imprint / Automatic Re-confirmation / Waiting List / Reliability index) provided by TheFork Manager to fight against no-shows and avoid last minute cancellations.
    INSIDER exclusive phone support provided by account managers. As a partner restaurant you can contact your dedicated account manager whenever you need, they will guide you.
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Any questions?

INSIDER restaurants benefit from specific support. This VIP assistance offers exclusive support from your dedicated TheFork advisor.