A wide range of tools to reduce no-show

We know that no-shows can have a big impact on your activity, so our anti-no-show program enables you to fight against this phenomenon by safeguarding your reservations and knowing your customers better.

Fight no-show
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TheFork helps you identify potential no-showers

Calculate the risk of a no-show thanks to guest reliability indicators taken from our global database of bookings

  • Benefit from our live data on tens of millions of reservations
  • Access your customer's reliability score based on their previous bookings and anticipate their likelihood of not showing up by taking extra precautionary measures

Safeguard your reservations with credit card imprint

Asking your customers for pre-authorization of their credit card to guarantee their table safeguards your reservations. Practised systematically today by hotels and rental car companies, the restaurant industry is gradually adopting this practise. This feature is included in some of our plans .

*sources: based on no-show on TheFork regular reservations vs reservations with card imprint in 2018 in FR, BE, IT, PT, ES, SE, CH

Credit car imprint

Secure your reservations by communicating more with your customers

Your customers receive an automatic confirmation of their reservations by email or text message You can activate the 'waiting list' option on TheFork Manager (available with certain plans only) to offer customers the possibility of joining a waiting list and optimize your occupancy rate

Our communication campaigns sensitize diners to the impact of no-shows

Through specific communication campaigns and content created on the organizational and financial consequences of no-shows, we help educate diners on good dining etiquette. If a particular TheFork diner does not show up to their reservations on a regular basis, we take measures to prevent this from reoccurring.