TheFork supports you in your fight against no-shows

No-shows are a real annoyance for restaurateurs. And with good reason, they can represent a loss of income ranging from 5 to 20%*, depending on the type of restaurant.

A little information to better understand the no-shows:

brunch-ideeën check markAny of your clients can be a no-show, from the really busy customer to the rude customer, from the one who forgets to the one who does no dare call to cancel

brunch-ideeën check markMost of the time, no-shows relate to small tables (1 or 2 people)**

brunch automne check mark46% of no-shows are booked less than 5 hours before the meal**

brunch automne check markOnly 5% of customers who booked through TheFork in 2018were guilty of a no-show**

brunch-ideeën check markAnd 90% of them did not fail to turn up again in the next 6 months**

How does TheFork help you fight against no-shows?

No-shows dropped by 31% between 2015 and 2018, thanks to TheFork’s many efforts to help you solve this problem.**

restaurant no-show

TheFork tip: play with table availability and educate your customers

In order to avoid no-shows, you can make a certain number of tables available for booking on your TheFork page, and leave the other tables for walk-ins. We also advise you to educate your customers: ask them to contact you in case of any change (cancellation, additional guests …), and tell them that after X minutes late, their table will be available to other customers.

The actions implemented by TheFork

brunch automne check markReminders

Via email and SMS sent to customers you can remind them to cancel their reservation if they will not be coming to your establishment.

brunch automne check markThe reliability indicator

TheFork Manager allows you to rate your customers on their reliability and to leave a comment.

brunch-ideeën check markThe cancel click

TheFork puts a cancellation click its emails, SMS and push messages so that the customer can cancel their reservation easily if they wish.

brunch-ideeën check markThe warning campaign

TheFork has set up a warning campaign to educate consumers about the consequences of no-shows for restaurants.

brunch automne check markThe credit card deposit

When customers pay in advance or leave their banking details, they are rarely no-shows because they know that if they do not come, they will lose money. This is a double benefit for restaurateurs: not only does this greatly reduce your number of no-shows, but in addition, you receive compensation even if the customer does not come.

TheFork has been fighting on your behalf against no-shows since 2015 in order to reduce the number and to make sure it does not affect your income. If you do not have TheFork Manager yet, click here.

Learn more about how to fight against No-Shows >>

*Source: Ge-Th.Expert – July 2018

**Source : TheFork Data, bookings TheFork 2018 All Countries

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