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Turn visitors to your website and Facebook page into customers

Some customers do not like to call or e-mail. Similarly, despite your best efforts you won’t be able answer the phone 24 hours a day. By installing the booking button, more customers can book in your restaurant and you can increase your turnover. What’s more, it is a completely free service, so why hesitate?

“30% increase in average bookings through your own booking button”

Help customers to make a reservation in your restaurant

  • Your customers can book 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • The booking engine works on smartphones, tablets, and computers (responsive design)
  • The system automatically checks your availability and confirms your booking to your customers
  • Reservations can be made in several languages
  • You retain control over your numbers and flow of reservations
  • You can measure the traffic of reservations to your website

Can be used on any type of website

The booking engine is easy to install on any website or social network. If you wish, your advisor can install your TheFork button for you or can contact your webmaster.

Your button can be adapted to suit the design of your website

Your booking button has several customization options that allow you to fully integrate it into the design of your website.

Automatically create your customer database

With online booking, you centralize all your customers in one places so you can automatically collect much more information about them. This is an easy, simple way for you to compile your customer database so you can communicate with them and turn them into repeat customers.

Using the booking button on your website or Facebook page is completely FREE.

The installation of the booking button is free and no commission is payable for past bookings through your own website or Facebook page.

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The installation of the booking engine is a breeze.
If you wish, your advisor can take care of its installation or can contact your webmaster to coordinate the installation of your booking engine.

I want my booking engine

If users visit your website or Facebook page, it means they are interested in your restaurant. However, not everyone will pick up the phone to call you. Others might not be able to get through for various reasons – the restaurant might be closed, you might not be able to answer during the middle of service, or you might already be online… By adding the booking button to your website and social networks, you can be certain that you’ll increase the number of bookings. It is simple to install and completely free (no commission on bookings taken).

“At the moment, anyone that isn’t online, simply doesn’t exist, it’s as simple as that. I think it is important for people to be able to make a reservation at my restaurant through my Facebook page because it’s very easy for my customers. And for us, it’s free, so even better! Being able to make a reservation from a computer or phone means the customer doesn’t have to call. It may well be that the restaurant is closed or we can’t answer the phone, and then the customer decides to call another restaurant. That’s why I think it’s important to make things easier for the customer.”
Caridad Torrens
“It is essential for a restaurant to have a website. Nowadays, customers don’t have a lot of time. Their phone means they can get answers to their questions immediately online, let you know that your food is good, get access to your menu, promotions, photos of the restaurant, prices, etc.”
Diamela Pecci Chiesa
Garnacha Marbella
“It is important to streamline your work: we have so much to do that we can’t afford to waste time. If someone visits my website or Facebook page looking for my phone number to make a reservation, and the reservation module is there, you save time and that’s no small thing.”
Mª Dolores Luna Toro
“Since we installed the widget, we have seen an increase of 10%.”
Ettore Labianca

42% of reservations are made outside of restaurants’ opening hours


30% more reservations with a booking button

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