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Introduce your restaurant to the world

A detailed profile of your restaurant is published on TheFork. You manage your restaurant’s image and update the information on your profile (menu, pictures, prices, etc.).
This detailed profile provides an online showcase for your restaurant and allows you to increase your online visibility. TheFork makes every effort to ensure that your restaurant is optimized on search engines (Google, Yahoo ...) and works with a network of over 100 partner sites. Not a single customer will be able to miss your restaurant.

“Four out of five customers use the Internet to look for restaurants”

Help customers to make a reservation in your restaurant

With TheFork, it’s easier for customers to make a reservation. 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from any device (computer, tablet, or smartphone). They can check your availability in real time and instantly receive an automated booking confirmation via SMS and e-mail when they make a reservation.

Your customers are already online, join them.

Receive customers when you need it most

Depending on your needs, you can open and close online reservation and even set the number of covers available for online reservations yourself. You are free to adjust this number depending on the days and time slots of your choice.
For example, you can boost the start and end of your services and increase your turnover...

A wide range of tools are available to publicize your restaurant

  • Promotional offers represent great leverage to increase your reservations – but there are so many other ways to do this...
  • Participate in local theme events (festivals, restaurant weeks, etc.)
  • Newsletters sent weekly to TheFork customers
  • Participation in our “Yums” loyalty program
  • And much more...

Use your customers’ opinions to increase your reservations

After their meal, your customers will be invited to leave a review on TheFork (only customers that have actually visited your restaurant).
This is very valuable information for:

  • Attracting new customers, who view these reviews when they look for a restaurant
  • Publicizing your restaurant (the score is incorporated into your restaurant ranking)
  • Identify areas for improvement in your customer service
  • Motivate your team with customer feedback

“Customers say that, on average, they look at between 6 and 12 reviews before choosing a restaurant”

Publishing your restaurant is FREE

It’s a win-win partnership; you only pay if we send you covers. A commission per cover will be payable for customers that have booked in your restaurant through TheFork (no-shows and cancellations are not charged).

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Your personal advisor will create your TheFork profile with you

This will ensure you have the very best profile from the very beginning.
After this, your dedicated TheFork contact will help you to make the most of your online presence and maximize revenue for your restaurant.

Publish my restaurant TheFork

Every month, TheFork guides more than 18 million web users to the best restaurants. You can also publish your restaurant on TheFork and start receiving new customers to fill your restaurant when you need it most. TheFork meets your requirements: you keep control of your reservations and presentation of your restaurant. TheFork is a win-win model: publication on the site is free, commission is only charged for the covers you receive.

“We decided to sign up to TheFork because the customer base that we now have access to is of course far bigger than we could hope to get by word of mouth. We also don’t need to run promotions in several languages because TheFork takes care of all of it.”
Caridad Torrens

“TheFork sends us new customers who didn’t know about us before. It’s free publicity, and I only pay for customers that TheFork sends me. I have seen a high occupancy rate, especially Monday to Thursday during evening service. Since we began running promotions on TheFork, we seem to be the most popular restaurant in Valencia; so what more can I say?”
Diamela Pecci Chiesa

Jai Alai
“What I like about TheFork: the marketing and communications tools, the fact that it’s an online market leader, and the great level of assistance that it offers.”
Maria José Bustingorri

“We are published on TheFork to promote our restaurant. It allows me to increase my online visibility, manage my bookings and receive bookings from TripAdvisor.”
Jose Ignacio Lopez

18 million members in our community


60 reservations per month per restaurant on average

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Join to the major restaurant community in the world and enjoy of:

  • Booking centralized in one software
  • Actual availability per day
  • Your restaurant bookable in theFork, TripAdvisor and more
  • Personalized dining room plan
  • Your reservation button on your own website, Instagram and Facebook
  • TheFork is a team with real people who are ready and waiting to help you

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