TFM3: Use Facebook and Instagram pages to boost your restaurant bookings!

4 June 2021
Boost your restaurant bookings with your Facebook and Instagram pages

Use TheFork Restaurant Booking widget on social media to get more reservations 

Diners LOVE taking pictures and posting them on Instagram and Facebook, it is an intuitive way to share their restaurant experience to their network. That is why Facebook and Instagram are key channels for foodies to spread the word and influence like-minded people to visit these restaurants.

Why adding a Restaurant Booking Widget brings value to your restaurant business

  1. Diners visiting your Facebook or Instagram pages can book a table at your restaurant directly from the booking widget on your page.
  2. As a restaurant partner, no commission is charged for bookings made via Facebook or Instagram Booking widget.
  3. Diners save time making a booking because their information is pre-filled in the checkout, using their Facebook profile information.
  4. The Booking experience is mobile-friendly, fast and efficient.

Curious to see how a user can make a booking on Instagram and Facebook?

Here are the 6 quick steps for a diner to complete a booking on your social media pages.

facebook instagram booking widget

Here’s how to add a booking button to your restaurant’s Facebook/Instagram page

For Facebook:

  1. Log in to your Restaurant’s Facebook page
  2. Click on “Add a button” (or “Edit Reserve” to modify the action button)
  3. Select “Book now” 
  4. Click on “Connect Another Tool”
  5. Select “TheFork” in the list of suggested providers
  6. A page named “Connect to TheFork” will appear, click on “Continue”
  7. A pop-up window opens directly on TheFork Manager: you will be required to use your TheFork Manager credentials to login and connect your account
  8. Once entered, Select “Confirm Linking” and then “Done”
  9. Congratulations! Your Facebook page will now be configured with TheFork. The URL of the booking widget has automatically been added/updated!

Tip: Linking your Facebook page first will result in the button being automatically added to your Instagram account as well. 


For Instagram:

  1. Go on your Instagram Profile and click on “Edit Profile”
  2. Click on “Contact options”
  3. Click on “Add an action button
  4. Select “” in the list of suggested providers
  5. You will be automatically redirected to TheFork Manager: please use your  TheFork Manager credentials to login and connect your account
  6. Click on “Continue as theforkbook” and wait a couple of seconds
  7. Click on “Continue” to confirm the connection to TheFork website and wait for the booking button to be added
  8. Congratulations! Your Instagram page will now be configured with TheFork. The URL of the booking widget has automatically been added/updated!


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