How one of the UK’s oldest Indian restaurants continues to attract new customers with TheFork

Published 06.18.2024 - Last update 07.02.2024
Shezan restaurant interior
Table of contents
  1. Using the platform
  2. Working with TheFork’s team

Step into Shezan in Knightsbridge, and you’ll be immersed in a vividly decorated space filled with trinkets and delights from across the world. This rich decadence translates to its Indian and Pakistani menu, which the team has continuously refined since the establishment opened in 1969. To extend its legacy as one of the top Indian restaurants in London, Shezan has worked with TheFork since the platform first expanded to the UK.

With notable patrons over the years counting Shezan as one of their favourite dining spots, including Freddie Mercury, who celebrated his birthday there in 1982, it’s a restaurant steeped in history and culture.

“My ethos is I want people to come out and enjoy themselves,” says owner Omar Piracha. “We’re a family business — my mum’s Italian, my dad was Pakistani. Food is a big thing in our culture.”

“My job is to make everyone who goes into the restaurant feel like they've had a great evening, whoever they are.”

To help Omar deliver an impeccable customer experience by streamlining reservation management, Shezan has worked with TheFork since the platform expanded to the UK — and soon saw bookings skyrocket as a result.

“TheFork’s team just know what they’re doing,” Omar says.

“TheFork is absolutely amazing — I love it.” — Omar Piracha, Owner at Shezan

Using the platform

As a hands-on user of TheFork, Omar’s favourite thing about the platform is its simplicity.

“It’s so easy to use,” he explains. “It's very easy to manage your system with TheFork, and it makes it a lot more streamlined. For example, I love that I can close off certain booking times.”

Alongside being able to restrict the number of available bookings at certain times — such as the lunch rush, when a restaurant might want to allow for more walk-ins — Omar appreciates how straightforward it is to ask for and receive reliable feedback from diners.

“The great thing about TheFork is that you can't write a review if you haven’t dined there.”

By fostering genuine connections with customers, Shezan has racked up hundreds of positive reviews, landing itself in the Top 100 of the UK Community Choice Chart. 

Working with TheFork’s team

When asked about his favourite aspect of Shezan’s partnership with TheFork, Omar doesn’t hesitate: “My Account Manager.”

“She’s amazing,” Omar says. “She always tries to think about what's going to be great for the restaurant. When I have someone that proactive, it makes me loyal.”

This close relationship with TheFork’s helpful team has made Omar quick to recommend the platform to other restaurants looking to increase their bookings.

His advice is simple: “If you want more bookings, join them.”

Looking to fill more empty tables while increasing customer loyalty and driving revenue? Get in touch today to find out how you could grow your business with TheFork.  

Table of contents
  1. Using the platform
  2. Working with TheFork’s team
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