TheFork Festival is back to help you attract new diners and maximise bookings

Published 05.08.2023 - Last update 05.08.2023
TheFork Festival
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  1. What is TheFork Festival?
  2. Gain exposure to millions of potential diners!
  3. Join TheFork Festival

TheFork Festival is back this Winter and is the perfect opportunity to attract new customers and showcase your restaurant to a large community of restaurant lovers. Australia's biggest dining campaign will also help you to boost your restaurant's visibility, increase bookings and maximize your revenues!

What is TheFork Festival?

TheFork Festival is the gastronomic event in Australia, and the perfect opportunity to put your restaurant under the spotlight. From 1 July to 31 July 2023, participating restaurants will offer diners 50% off their food bill during select seatings. Backed by a high-visibility marketing and PR campaign to Aussie diners, TheFork Festival is an incentive for people to dine out more often, explore new restaurants and enjoy new gastronomic experiences for great value.

Gain exposure to millions of potential diners!

TheFork Festival is your perfect opportunity to attract new diners and make your bookings soar.  During TheFork Festival, TheFork platform attracts an additional traffic increase of +1M visitors per week*, allowing participating restaurants to benefit from a dedicated visibility boost.

During our last TheFork Festival campaign, restaurants experienced a +3.7x increase in bookings during Festival^, as well as a +4.4x more bookings vs non participating restaurants^compared to the weeks leading up to the campaign. 

Participating in Australia's biggest dining campaign brings a number of other exciting advantages. By joining TheFork Festival, you can:

🌟 Showcase your restaurant by boosting your restaurant visibility both online and offline thanks to TheFork multichannel marketing and PR campaigns (email, social media, press, online)

💞 Acquire new diners and keep your loyal ones happy (97% of bookings made during Festival are from new customers)

💥 Boost your occupancy rate and fill empty tables during quieter times

📈 Grow your restaurant revenue

The floor is yours! Join TheFork Festival and expose your restaurant to our community of passionate food lovers! 

*Internal study conducted by TheFork - Awareness media Analysis ^TheFork Australia booking data, 2022.

Join TheFork Festival

Acquire new diners & boost your bookings
Table of Contents
  1. What is TheFork Festival?
  2. Gain exposure to millions of potential diners!
  3. Join TheFork Festival
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