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Published 05.31.2023 - Last update 05.24.2024
TheFork Summer
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  1. What is TheFork Summer?
  2. Summer 2024: Boost your bookings with event season!
  3. Join TheFork Summer
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Summer is approaching, and that means one thing above all else: it's time for a trip! Guests from far and wide are packing their suitcases and boarding planes or trains (or getting in their cars) to new destinations… and no holiday is complete without dining out. To make it even more enjoyable, this year we are celebrating summer with TheFork Summer: an opportunity for guests to have a delightful dinner and for restaurants to fill their tables during the summer season.

What is TheFork Summer?

TheFork Summer is THE dining event of the Summer season and starts on the 10th of June through to the 15th of September. Travellers will be on the lookout for the perfect place to eat while they're on the move, and your restaurant can be one of them. It's the perfect chance to increase your bookings and showcase your restaurant to people from all over the world!

Summer 2024: Boost your bookings with event season!

It comes as no surprise that summer is the ideal time to explore new restaurants, even more so with the number of events occurring over the coming months. That's why TheFork Summer presents a great opportunity to fill more tables in your restaurant.

This summer, locals and tourists will be gathering in the UK to watch an array of events from near and far. From the UEFA European Championships to Taylor Swift's Eras Tour, the ICC Men's T20 World Cup, Wimbledon, and more, capitalise on the influx of travellers and tourists looking for dining options before or after these events.

Over 1.2m people will be heading to arenas around the UK for Taylor Swift's Eras Tour, which is expected to add over £1bn to the UK economy! Similarly, sports lovers will be flocking to pubs and bars to catch the European Championships and Olympic games, and there are many more events to keep on your radar and plan around! By joining TheFork Summer, you can leverage these events to fill your tables during off-peak times and make the most of this action-packed season.

Key Summer Events:

  • ICC Men's T20 World Cup 2024: 2nd June to 29th June
  • The King's Birthday Parade, Horse Guards Parade: 5th June
  • Taylor Swift Eras Tour: 7th June to 20th August
  • UEFA European Championships: 14th June to 14th July
  • Pride London, central London: 29th June
  • Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships, Wimbledon: 1st to 14th July
  • Olympic Games Paris: 26th July to 11th August
  • Notting Hill Carnival: 25th to 26th August

Here are some more tasty stats which make TheFork Summer irresistible:

  • +26% increase in bookings*

Summer is the peak tourist season where we typically see a 26% increase in bookings among our restaurant partners.

  • 40% of bookings on TheFork are made by tourists*

TheFork’s community of travellers makes it the perfect restaurant booking partner to bring in additional bookings and revenue from tourists. Did you know that 35% of TheFork users are travellers?

  • +50% more bookings compared to the period before TheFork Summer**

If you’re already a partner on TheFork, you can give your bookings a boost by as much as 50% by participating in TheFork Summer.



The secret recipe for summer's booking surge tells its own delicious story:

1. Guests have more evenings available

Whether they manage to secure a few hours off from work, take a sunny Friday off, or go on holiday, there are simply more opportunities to dine out. Whether it's to discuss an upcoming or past trip, enjoy the sun on the terrace, or use holiday funds for a night out when the actual trip is still a while away, more free evenings mean more dining out. With TheFork Summer, guests can indulge in dining out more frequently and explore different restaurants.

2. Guests visit new places

The great British public doesn’t just love going abroad, they also love exploring new places in and around the UK. The UK has so much to offer, from historic cities to stunning natural landscapes and a beautiful coastline. Summer is the time for staycations, day trips, weekend getaways, and exploring unfamiliar cities. During these adventures, many people rely on TheFork to find restaurants to dine at. With TheFork Summer, they can discover hidden gems in familiar places and especially in unfamiliar ones.

3. International guests

Did you know that TheFork is used in 11 other countries? In all of these countries, TheFork Summer is well-known and travelling users will be searching on TheFork app when abroad for an amazing dining experience. The functionality of the TheFork app remains the same for users wherever they are in the world.


Toerist reserveert een restaurant

TheFork also has a partnership with Tripadvisor which creates the perfect environment to boost the visibility and bookings for all participating restaurants. With the increase in tourism expected this summer, we are confident that it's going to be a fantastic season! 💥

Join TheFork Summer

Boost your visibility & multiply your bookings

How can I participate?

If you're like many other restaurants in the UK and want to introduce guests to your delicious menu, beautiful terrace, or friendly service, and be bookable on TheFork during the peak travel season when millions of people will be exploring this summer, we're here to help.

Your account manager will be more than happy to explain everything to you. If you're not yet partnered with TheFork, we would be delighted to welcome you to the platform. If you’d like to find out more, click here for a no-obligation consultation where we can start working together.

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Table of contents
  1. What is TheFork Summer?
  2. Summer 2024: Boost your bookings with event season!
  3. Join TheFork Summer
  4. How can I participate?
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