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Published 02.21.2020 - Last update 02.24.2020
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Table of contents
  1. Breakfast service advantages
  2. The keys to making it work

Breakfast is one of the meals that customers most often eat away from home. So it can be a good business opportunity and way to increase restaurant sales. In fact, this habit of eating well in the morning is growing with the increasing trend towards healthiness, as breakfast is usually made up of healthy foods that combine perfectly with a balanced diet. 

Does your business serve breakfast? Here are some ideas to implement this service successfully and ensure you have a steady stream of customers ... from first thing in the morning. 

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Breakfast service advantages

Makes customers loyal:

Breakfast is a routine meal. great service to retain customers and, in turn, ensure profitability. It is important to remember these customers' preferences, and make sure you serve them exactly what they like. You could even tell them about the ingredients you are testing for new recipes, and get them hooked! 

Good profit margins:

It is one of the most profitable services as it attracts many customers, and the products used have a lower cost than other, more elaborate dishes on the menu. In addition, it is a meal that is practically indispensable for the majority of customers, making it a continuously rising business opportunity, unlike other services that are more expendable. 

The keys to making it work


Offer a variety of options

Coffees, teas and herbal teas: Something that always draws in customers for breakfast is tea and coffee. So investing in high quality products, including ecological options, is a good strategy. In addition to this base, don’t be afraid to show off, both in presentation and variety. Train your staff in making lattes with figures and shapes, and in preparing other delicious options such as chai latte, matcha latte or golden milk turmeric latte that are currently very popular. 

 Natural fruit juices: A freshly squeezed orange juice is an essential part of breakfast for many different customers, locals and tourists. And offering other natural fruit juices, alone or in combination, will give you extra points. For example, a smoothie of the day will pique customers’ interest as they can try something different every day, and green juices that include vegetables are full of vitamins for healthy customers.

 Cocktails: If your breakfast lasts until midday, you can offer alcoholic or alcohol-free cocktails for those customers who would like something special in the middle of the day, or even for professionals, who might want to have an informal meeting in your establishment, while enjoying a delicious mimosa or a mocktail with seasonal fruits.  

Trending requests: For this service to work you will need to include trending foods and drinks. Açai bowls with yoghurt and fruit of the forest or avocado on toast are today’s most popular breakfasts. Hummus and spreads platters are also high on the list. Make sure you have omelettes on the menu, and with vegetables such as spinach, asparagus or nuts. 

And you can’t go wrong with the classics: Muffins and croissants with butter and jam. Crepes and pancakes with various toppings, eggs benedict, bagels, baguette sandwiches or assorted sandwiches, a Full English Breakfast with scrambled eggs, bacon or sausages, as well as cereals. 

 Cakes and desserts: In addition to coffee, something else that draws in customers for breakfast are pastries. Customers really enjoy eating this type of food in the morning, because it is stimulating, and also because people are less committed to their health early in the morning. So, you have to show off! Hiring a pastry chef for your morning dishes would be ideal, so you can offer homemade, delicious and innovative creations. Offering customers a pastry of the day is a sure-fire way to make them loyal. 

 Healthy foods: Finally, make sure you have healthy versions of all options. Especially natural sweeteners, such as rice syrups, agave, brown sugar, vegetable milks, and gluten-free products. 

Gluten-free products are essential, as breakfast usually includes bread, pastries and products with gluten. So by offering a variety of gluten-free breads and pastries you will attract more customers. Ensuring different products don’t cross contaminate in the kitchen will give these customers peace of mind and they will feel comfortable eating breakfast at your restaurant.

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Two things that customers will appreciate is the establishment opening early and a prompt service at a set time, so that they can have their breakfast within the time slot they have allocated to it, before starting their day. Although it seems obvious, some establishments find it difficult to keep up this routine because it means getting up early and starting breakfast very early, but a delay of even five minutes can result in losing a customer. 

A warm and pleasant atmosphere

Another feature that customers will love is to feel at home. Since breakfast is such a personal and intimate meal, create a cosy setting - with delicious smells (freshly baked bread, freshly scrambled eggs, cinnamon, spices), fresh flowers, bright, natural light and comfy spaces with sofas or snug furniture - for your customers to have a delicious breakfast before starting the day.  

If you apply all these strategies, your restaurant will have a high occupancy, so you’ll need to take advantage of TheFork's platform to ensure this service runs smoothly and is a success.  

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  • Receive continuous feedback from your customers. 

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Table of contents
  1. Breakfast service advantages
  2. The keys to making it work
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