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Published 02.24.2021 - Last update 03.24.2021
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Table of Contents
  1. Tips to increase your restaurant bookings
  2. Boost your bookings with TheFork PRO+ version now

Tips to increase your restaurant bookings

It has been a year since Covid-19 has reshaped our lifestyle and it has been a major concern for the future of the restaurant industry. Whether it be reopening your restaurant or supporting your ongoing, here are tips TheFork is providing you on ways to boost your business.  

Make sure your restaurant is ready for a bookings boost

After the closure period, customers are eager to go back to their favourite restaurants but also discover new restaurants as well. To be ready to welcome back more customers, ensure you are ready both the management and organisational level. 

What should you consider?

It might be time for you to re-evaluate your suppliers. Indeed, some of your usual suppliers might experience delays or lack of products to offer. Be aware that planning ahead of time with your supplies is vital to your restaurant management. 

Make sure your restaurant follows safety measures and recommendations by the Government. Ensure you have enough masks and alcoholic sanitiser available to diners. Insist that your team adheres to and follows all of these key measures. 

Update your restaurant information: you may have to change your opening hours, so make sure you’ve updated them everywhere (on all your different social media accounts, on TheFork Manager, on  Google my business etc.)

Update your calendar: make sure you synchronise your schedule across all your platforms.

Implementing new menus:  Adds dynamicity to a restaurant and attracts loyal customers to try it, i.e.  a menu based on seasonal items. Remember to add them on your TheFork listing. You can add for instance a new pre-set menu or an a la carte menu.

Don’t forget to update your inventory to have a clear idea on what you can offer to diners.

Activate your Health & Safety measures badge on your TheFork profile to show would-be diners of the measures practiced at your restaurant.

If you are equipped with an alfresco or sheltered outdoor area, set this up and add it to your floorplan to welcome potential diners there too!



Marketing channels to consider

Marketing will help you attract customers, here are some ideas using marketing tools to bring more visibility to your restaurant. 

Add a Restaurant Booking Widget on your Facebook and Instagram pages as it brings value to your restaurant business. Diners visiting your Facebook or Instagram page can book a table at your restaurant directly from the booking widget on your page. As a restaurant partner, no commission is charged for bookings made via your  Facebook or Instagram Booking widget. This booking experience is mobile-friendly, fast and efficient.

Display your Yums badge if you’re a participating restaurant. One booking out of five comes from a restaurant taking part in the Yums loyalty program. Yums is the most searched term by diners on TheFork website. If you would like to join the Yums program or have any other questions, please contact your Account Manager. 

Trial special offers. Consider a special treat such as a complimentary glass of wine. It will bring more people to look at your restaurant if you promote this kind of offer. You can also trial discounts on your al la carte menu during off-peak periods, set a specific time for a special offer such as a ‘50% discount on food’ and capitalise on drinks. This kind of special offer can attract customers and encourage them to come back to the restaurant or to try it for the first time. 



Use your social media profiles to promote your restaurant and manage your online reputation. Taking care of all your reviews and comments is key to convey a good online reputation for your business. Update your pictures, especially food related pictures to attract diners and encourage them to book. Communicate on social media about what is new at your restaurant.

Don’t forget to communicate with your customer. Having a good CRM strategy for a restaurant is a long term objective to encourage repeat bookings. Send them a newsletter and share your new projects, upcoming events, new menus to name a few.

Boost your bookings with TheFork PRO+ version now

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How to communicate key information to your customers and staff

TheFork Manager is an easy to use system that includes CRM for restaurants. This tool allows you to maintain a personalised relationship with each of your customers.

TheFork Manager helps you to build your own customer database: last name, first name, email, allergies, dietary requirements, etc. You can design and send emails and text messages directly from the software, therefore offering a personalised experience to your customers. 

This software gives you the key to interact directly with your customers. If you have important information to share, customers will be notified.

You will also be able to communicate directly with your staff by using “Service Notes”.  This feature will help you to communicate the rules that need to be followed.


Boosting your activity is part of your restaurant’s journey and TheFork is here to help. TheFork will provide you with the tools to help increase your bookings, improve your online reputation and give you more visibility.

Table of Contents
  1. Tips to increase your restaurant bookings
  2. Boost your bookings with TheFork PRO+ version now
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