Easily handle your stock and floor plans thanks to TheFork Manager!

Published 09.07.2020 - Last update 09.21.2020
manage floor plans with thefork manager

TheFork Manager, a great tool to manage your restaurant's stock and floor plans

During these unprecedented times, TheFork is more than ever committed to supporting restaurants to help them boost their business. Thanks to TheFork Manager, handling stock and personalising floor plans has never been easier.

Discover some tips to take full control over your inventory and get a floor plan tailored to safety measures.

Take control of your restaurant’s floor plan

We know that having good management and optimisation of your restaurant space is crucial given the Covid-19 situation; which is why TheFork is here to provide you with relevant features to help optimise your space.

This is why the Digital Floor Plan feature is available* for all our restaurant partners on TheFork Manager; using it will give you full control over the core aspects of your restaurant space management: 

  • You will have the possibility to preview the available space in your restaurant and then draw the limits in order to obtain a fixed space. Thanks to this feature, you can try to virtually find the best plan without having to move a single table. In addition to this, you will also be able to set the number of people per table, a feature very useful especially given the challenges with the Covid-19 safety guidelines.
  • The Digital Floor Plan will help you with managing social distancing regulations as you can try to find the best combination between space optimisation and safety in just a few clicks!
  • You will have total control over your restaurant space by having the ability to block tables in order to provide the necessary distancing required. Be ready to welcome your diners in a safe way while capitalising on the potential revenue you could generate.

Aside from giving you total control over your restaurant inventory, TheFork also provides your customers with the possibility to choose where they would like to sit in advance. Customers can select the area type (inside, terrace, outside, rooftop, patio or garden) but also the table type they would like (standard, tall, low, shared, counter). A great way to enhance guest experience!

The Digital Floor plan enables you to set up the perfect restaurant inventory to maximise your profits and at the same time keep both your staff and clients safe. 

Optimise your stock to better control your bookings

TheFork Manager offers you the possibility to optimise your stock by having total control over your availability by time slots.

  • Time slots and booking limitations: You can decide how many covers you would like to receive per time slot but also limit them based on the source (i.e. offline, online), this if combined with an optimised floorplan can assure you to never be overbooked on a time slot and you can direct bookers to another time in order to maximise your profits.
  • Queueing list: If you still have unexpected demands (i.e. walk-ins) then don’t worry, thanks to the queuing list feature, you can add the unexpected booking to the queue so that when a table is available, you can easily notify the customer, change their booking status to confirmed and get ready to welcome them in.

    As this is managed online, you will never have to refuse a booking, instead offering the customer a time slot that better suits you and then secure the booking! It is a win-win. 
  • Seating requirements: Another feature, which is very helpful, is the possibility to limit the number of people per booking and per table; this functionality has been designed to give you even more control over your bookings.
  • Seating time: Finally, you can also set time limits per bookings in order to maximise your revenue by allowing your restaurant to welcome as many clients as possible per time slot.

By increasing your control of the bookings you receive and having an optimised floor plan, you will benefit from all the keys to help you to optimise your restaurant management on a daily basis.

If you are not yet part of our community and need a system to help you effectively manage your restaurant, then now is the time to join! Click here to register and benefit from all the key features that will help you optimise your restaurant and increase revenue.

*Digital Floor Plan feature available for the PRO and PRO+ Plans under the new version of TheFork Manager 


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