5 tips on TheFork Manager to boost and optimise your restaurant occupancy

5 tips on TheFork Manager to boost and optimize your restaurant occupancy

Discover key features on TheFork Manager to increase your restaurant occupancy 

Throughout your restaurant journey, increasing your occupancy is a major concern especially as a result of the pandemic. It is not easy to increase the occupancy on a daily basis as every service is never the same. TheFork Manager is therefore giving you some tips to keep tables fully occupied. Thanks to these tips it will become easier for your management to have an occupancy beyond your expectation! 

5 tips on TheFork Manager to boost and optimize your restaurant occupancy

Use a virtual floor plan to optimise your restaurant occupancy

You would like to optimise your table occupancy but you don’t really know how? TheFork Manager is helping you design the best floor plan possible according to your space and availability. It's important to organise reservations based on tables and times, so having a virtual floor plan will improve your restaurant management in many ways. Indeed,  it will allow you to manage and change all reservations in real time so you have better control.

5 tips on TheFork Manager to boost and optimize your restaurant occupancy


Manage your availability live and leave no empty tables

Another way to attain excessive occupancy is to create a demand with your online reservation availability. For instance, if it’s hassle filling tables on Monday nights, Why not offer a 30% special offer on your TheFork listing so you can increase your occupancy when it’s harder to fill tables! Same thing applies when it’s not the best season for restaurants, for example during winter. This is a very powerful way to adjust your empty tables in your favor and get your potential diner’s interest. 

Using TheFork to manage your availability is also 100% manageable as  you have full control over when your online bookings are open or closed. So it’s really dependent on your needs as you can set the number of covers available for online booking.

5 tips on TheFork Manager to boost and optimize your restaurant occupancy


Activate a waiting list so you don’t lose any clients

What happens if those last techniques bring you even more reservations than tables? Don't lose these potential diners! With TheFork you could prompt a virtual ready listing that allows clients to join up to acquire word whilst the restaurant has tables to be available again. It's a great function for restaurants and clients! Restaurants can therefore make the maximum of all of the reservations they acquire. 

Reduce no-show to avoid empty tables

We recommend you take full advantage of these tips to prevent you from having no shows. With TheFork Manager, you can activate an automatic reminder and a mass SMS reconfirmation for reservations to reduce no-shows by forgetful customers as much as possible. This way, you're always guaranteed 100% occupancy and you can increase customer engagement with the restaurant.

5 tips on TheFork Manager to boost and optimize your restaurant occupancy


Determine the average time 

Once you enter on TheFork Manager the number of diners you will serve during your service, TheFork calculates how long a shift will take. This will help you to anticipate your shift in order to optimise it and will support your team in their shift management and organisation. 

It’s one thing to bring customers to your restaurant but it’s another to bring them back! 

In addition to boosting and optimising your restaurant occupancy, don’t forget to make your diners feel special so they become loyal to the restaurant and come back. 

You can try creating loyalty cards for your repeat customers and offer them as many discounts possible. This is especially the case if you are a restaurant that, for instance, receives workers at noon or if you hold after-work events. You can also take the best of TheFork with the Yums loyalty program so you retain your diners within TheFork.  


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